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Mini H.264 Digital Video Recorder Module

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The TY9611R Mini H.264 Digital Video Recorder Module is an all-in-one device providing single-channel recording and playback of both video and audio in industry-standard H.264 video compression format. The device is equipped with an SDHC memory card slot (maximum 32GB) and supports the connection of an external security surveillance camera. Surveillance recording can be scheduled, initiated manually or event triggered; by motion sensors for example. Surveillance video recordings stored on the SD card may be reviewed using readily-available playback software, such as Microsoft® Media Player or the DivX Player. All standard playback options - play, pause, rewind, forward, stop - are supported, with speeds up to 32X. Includes I/O Control Board may be used optionally to connect video output and input devices such as a keyboard.

Features of the TY9611R

  • The Mini DVR Module supports NTSC or PAL video system, and auto detects video loss.
  • The Mini DVR Module is built-in with H.264 video and G.711 audio codec.
  • It supports 1 channel video and 1 channel audio recording and playback operation.
  • Audio/Video data are recorded directly on the SD card with FAT32 file system and ASF file format. Simple data backup method to a PC.
  • Audio/ Video data are recorded directly as ASF file format. You can view the data straight from your PC, and playback those ASF files with popular media players.
  • USB interface that enables data to be transfer to a PC.
  • For 1 GB SD card, the record time is about 1 hours at Standard Quality for NTSC: 30 fps @ 704 x 480 and PAL: 25 fps @ 704 x 480.
  • The DVR supports: Manual, Schedule Event Detection (Motion / Alarm), and Schedule
  • Continuous Record mode with independent video size, quality, and frame rate set up.
  • Schedule Record (Schedule Record Priority Order: Alarm/ Motion Detection/ Continuous) and IR Illuminator can be setup to ON/ OFF and per hour.
  • Support external alarm signal connection to enable alarm trigger recording.
  • For motion detection, multiple detection blocks and appropriate motion trigger level set-up.
  • Support key lock function.

Specifications of the Dvr Module TY9611

  • Video System: NTSC or PAL
  • Auto Detection
  • Video Input: 1 Channel Video (Analog)
  • Video Output: 1 Channel Video (Analog)
  • Audio Input: 1 Channel Audio
  • Audio Output: 1 Channel Audio
  • Audio Backup: YES
  • IR Remote Controller: YES
  • Storage Media: SD High Capacity Card (SDHC 32GB max)
  • Video Compression: H264
  • Audio Compression: G.726/32 kbps
  • File Format: ASF file
  • Resolution: 704x480, 352x240 (NTSC) / 704x560, 352x280 (PAL)
  • Frame Rate: 30fps@704x480 (NTSC) / 25fps@704x560 (PAL)
  • Quality: High, Medium, Low
  • Record Mode: Manual, Schedule, Event (Motion Detection)
  • Alarm
    • Input: 1 (NO/NC Programmable)
    • Output: 1 Relay
    • Triggered Mode: Motion Detection, Video Loss, Sensor Input
    • Action: Recording, Relay Output
    • Pre Alarm: 1-5 seconds
    • Post Alarm: 5-60 seconds
  • Motion Detection: 22 x 15 (Sensitivity 0 - 9)
  • USB Connector: Signal Input (Only Pin Connector)
  • Search Mode: Time, Event
  • Playback Speed: Fast Forward / Backward 2x-32x Play/Pause
  • Firmware Update: SD card
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm x 17.5mm
  • Power Source: DC12V
  • Power Consumption: Max. 2.5W
  • Operating Environment: 30%-80% RH, 5C - 45C (41 F-113 F)
  • Storage Environment: 30%-90%, RH 0C - 50C (32F-122F)

dvr module & IO board setup


    • TY9611R Mini H.264 Digital Video Recorder Module
    • I/O Control Board
    • Ribbon Connector Cable
    • Audio/Video/Power Cable
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Free Technical Support

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