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Choosing the Best Surveillance System

The right surveillance system can make your home safer and more secure. It can give you the assurance that you have someone else looking out for you and your family's safety. The right information will help you to pick the system that best suits your needs.

Choose the area that you need to monitor

First you need to decide on the area that you want to monitor and the distance of coverage. This will help you to decide if you need one camera, four cameras or even 16 cameras!

Choose the System That Best Suits Your Needs:

1. Hidden Cameras – Hidden Cameras are disguised as everyday objects and are perfect when you do not want anyone to know that you are monitoring the area. Hidden Cameras need a recording device to save your video for viewing and saving.

2. Self Contained Hidden DVR Cameras– These are self recording Hidden Cameras that are disguised as everyday objects. They record video onto a removeable SD card.

3. Visible Camera Systems – Surveillance cameras are strategically placed in the surveillance area. Visible surveillance cameras can act as a deterent to crime and vandalism. Systems that are complete with DVR, cameras, monitor and all connections can be an affordable solution.

4. Internet Based Systems –These systems can be used with hidden or visible camera. Log onto the internet to see what the cameras see. Record or live view monitoring.

Choose How You Want to Transmit Video

Wired: These systems are wired into your existing walls and structures in order to monitor your home. They are considered by professionals to be more reliable than wireless systems. Such systems are often more aesthetically pleasing and depend on electricity instead of batteries

Wireless: Several wireless computer networks use a frequency hat can interfere with wireless surveillance cameras. Most professionals recommend wireless systems only as a last resort or when monitoring a small area.

Choose How You Want Record, View or Save Your Video

1. Self Recording Cameras record onto a removeable SD card. SD Card can be removed from the camera and played on your PC computer.

2. Internet Systems record onto your PC Computer

3. DVR

4. VCR


1. It is a good idea to have a price in mind that you are comfortable. High quality systems and components are available in a wide price range.